My Guide to The World

by Renata P.

Podgorica-one of the ugliest capitals of Europe

Entry to Montenegro As you probably remember from my other posts I regularly check if there is any promo to buy cheap tickets. Somewhere in May I have seen a good deal of Ryanair offering tickets from Brussels to Montenegro... Continue Reading →

Road trip to Durres (Albania)

Albania - country full of contrasts, imagined by most of us as a dangerous place (all the stories about Albanian mafia). Personally places like Albania always get a lot of attention from my side and I am eager to visit... Continue Reading →

Dubrovnik –Rome of Croatia

24 hours in Dubrovnik I have been in Croatia already a few years ago but more in the central part and never reached Dubrovnik (more posts from Croatia will follow soon). This time we started our journey from Podgorica- the capital of... Continue Reading →

Kosciuszko National Park(12)

Our road trip continues Day by day our trip in Australia was going to the end. After Sydney and Blue Mountains we stopped in Canberra. Definitely that was the weirdest capital we've ever seen. Only positive side which I can think... Continue Reading →

Blue Mountains (11)

90 minutes drive from Sydney Our stay in Sydney was limited and next morning we got up early to get our car and reach the next destination.  We were thinking about renting GPS but unfortunately all were fully booked. My skills of... Continue Reading →

Sydney- the largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia (10)

From Hamilton Island to Sydney After lovely relaxing days in Whitsundays it came the time to say good bye and reach next point of our trip. From Airlie Beach we took a boat to get to Hamilton Island and from... Continue Reading →

Whitsunday- a few days in paradise (9)

Plan “B” As explained in my previous post we had to amend our trip due to bad weather conditions. In our original plan we supposed to fly from Cairn to Hamilton Island but…we took a bus to Airlie Beach a... Continue Reading →

Cairns- North Queensland (8)

Rainy season Straight from Melbourne we took a plane to explore northern Australia. We booked our flight a few weeks in advance what makes it always a bit risky in case of rainy season. We planned to stay in Cairns... Continue Reading →

Melbourne-what to do? (7)

During our Australian trip we had the pleasure to stop in Melbourne 3 times ( as an entry to Aussie, between Tasmania and Great Ocean Road, at the end). Even with our efficiency we didn't manage to visit everything (next... Continue Reading →

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