Mount Field National Park-Tasmania (3)

Getting there

Last night we spent in Derwent Bridge to save some time and move already in another area. Mt Field National Park is just about one hour drive from Hobart (the capital of Tasmania).If you will follow A10 (the Brooker Highway) you can’t miss it as there is a clearly marked entrance.



This beautiful national park was added to the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area in 2013 what is only 3 years ago. The park has spectacular glaciated landscapes, eucalyptus forests and an amazing network of excellent walking tracks. You can choose between short walks (15 minutes each) or long full day walks.

Russell Falls– It’s one of the highlights of this National Park. You can get there within 15 minutes from main entrance. For many people this three-tier waterfall is the prettiest in Tasmania.

My opinion

If you like nature this park will be perfect for. We have enjoyed the nice forests and beautiful walks. I would give 7/10 points for this National Park.


Cradle Mountain-Tasmania (2)

How to get there?

The Cradle Mountain is a mountain in the Central Highlands region of Tasmania. The mountain is situated in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.


At 1,545 metres above the sea level, it is the fifth highest mountain in Tasmania, and is one of the principal tourist sites in Tasmania, owing to its natural beauty. The Cradle Mountain is composed of dolerite  columns, similar to many of the other mountains in the area.


The area around the mountain has a large number of day walks, as well as being one terminus of the. Overland Track. The Overland Track winds through a variety of landscapes to its opposite end – 80.8 kilometres (50.2 mi) to the south – at Lake St Clair, Australia’s deepest lake.


The mountain is climbed by tourists virtually year round. It is a strenuous return hike from the Dove Lake car park with a recommended allotted time of 6.5 hours. The climb up the rocky part of the mountain involves scrambling over large boulders for several hundred meters. The entire climb is exposed to any bad weather that may arrive quickly, while climbing the upper slopes in winter can be dangerous due to slick ice on the rocks and heavy snow covering holes and other hazards.


We had a car what helped a lot to get there. You can buy different passes to enter the Cradle Mountain ( one single entrance or a multiple entrance to all national parks of Tasmania). For us this option was the cheapest one, we entered 3 National Parks🙂


Different options

You can do different walks. All depends how much time you have and in how good shape you are. We did 6 km around the Dove Lake. You need to be lucky with weather in Tasmania. It can change rapidly. As you can see on my pictures it was cloudy this day but no rain so pretty good conditions for Tasmania.  If you ever will be in Tasmania this National Park is one from the most beautiful ones.

Northern Tasmania (1)

How long to stay?

While planning out trip to Australia it was difficult to choose detailed destinations, try to see as much as possible and enjoy in the same time. For me Tasmania was on my list to see. We decided to stay 4 and 1/2 days, you will think it is crazy because the island is huge and you can spend there easily 5 weeks. Unfortunately we are very limited with our vacation. If I could I would stay a few days longer.


How to travel around?

I have booked our tickets with JetStar from Melbourne to Launceston (due to cheaper rates than to Hobart) and don’t regret afterwards. We have been checking some options with a travel agency which organize some tours around Tasmania but the prices were very high and their program didn’t include things which I wanted to see.

At the very last moment we booked a car ( 2 hours in advance)- I know, a bit spontaneous decision🙂  At the end we drove around and did 1600 km but will spread it in a few posts to not make you tired of Tasmania🙂

Day 1-Northern Tasmania

nor tas

We arrived at Launceston at 11.00 what gave us almost a full day of exploring. We were a bit disappointed as the weather didn’t look promising (less than 20 degrees and rain) but after less than 20 km of driving it changed completely and we had a lovely, sunny day (what doesn’t happen too often in Tasmania).

Having a car gives you an opportunity to stop as many times as you wish. We went for a lunch to local bakery and tasted local sweets. Driving is also not very difficult (on main roads) except small roads in the mountains.

Our major stops were:




We had them more to enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Hope you enjoyed! Next 3 posts will be from different National Parks. Stay tuned!

Dubai-The city of “the most”-Part 2

Practical information

Before our trip I read a few others blogs to find some info about Dubai. What was repeated constantly is that or you will hate Dubai or you will fall in love.

uaeThe United Arab Emirates is an Arabic country where the major religion is Islam. Not sure if you visited already other countries with a similar profile but I was very positively surprised. Women ( tourists) wear “normal” clothes: tops, shorts, dresses. I felt safe, nobody bothered me, commented my outfit etc. The positive feeling was exactly opposite to situation which I had in Tunisia or even Paris or Brussels where man constantly bother you. You only have to have in mind that in case you want to visit a mosque you need to be covered.


Getting up and catching a taxi was a part of our morning’s rituals. Our visiting started at The Mall of Dubai where we usually had a breakfast. You can find over there a huge selection of bars, restaurants with various choice (Asian, European, Bio food , Mexican, American and many more).

The Dubai Fountain

Just outside of The Mall of Dubai you can see The Dubai Fountain which is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of the Downtown Dubai. When I have seen the show it was a huge WOW. It definitely made the biggest impression on me.

You can see the show during day and by night until 23.00.

The old Dubai

Our next stop was the old, authentic Dubai. This time we took a metro from The Dubai Mall to Al Ras metro station (Green line).


You can do a nice walk in this area. I would suggest you to take also a water taxi to have a nice view from the water.

The souk

In the old Dubai one of the major attractions is the souk where you can buy almost everything. I enjoyed some orient  herbs and local clothes.

If you need a break  try some local smoothies or shakes by the Creek.

The Dubai Marina

This part of Dubai was definitely one of my favorite. It is a very modern area with high buildings next to beautiful marina full of yachts.  It is a “Must seen”!

The Mall of Emirates

Our last point of the trip was the Mall of Emirates-The biggest shopping mall on the world. Don’t think that we don’t do anything else like shopping🙂 You can go skiing if you like-All options are available there.

My opinion

I love big cities and Dubai is one of those places where I feel the positive energy. It reminds me a bit of New York. You can definitely forget about your current life over there and explore new things. What is the most important for me that I felt safe! Don’t forget the Dubai is the city with the MOST high building , the MOST big shopping mall, the MOST fancy hotels. I could count many more but I will leave it up to you to discover🙂

Dubai City As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Our first time in the United Arab Emirates

While searching tickets to Australia we found good rates with Emirates Airlines. In case you want to do a stop in Dubai you pay extra 40 EUR and you can enjoy a few days in the UAE. We didn’t doubt even 5 minutes and immediately we have chosen this option (it helps also to manage a long journey to Australia). In case you want to fly just to Dubai the prices are about 400 EUR from Europe.

We flew from Brussels to Dubai, which took 6h15 minutes. We arrived late (due to time zone change) so our adventure started only the day after.


The Mall of Dubai– Even if you don’t like shopping you should go there. It’s an experience! In the mall you can see all the famous brands, mix of regular shops and fancy ones. Apart from that you can go to aquarium (dive with sharks, snorkel, feed fishes).

On the Ground Level you can enter also the highest building on the world-Burj Khalifa.(829.8 m). You can buy 2 kinds of tickets (to enter middle level or top and middle level). The price to go at the top is ~90 EUR (depends on time).

Burj Khalifa– Construction began in 2004, with the exterior completed in 2009. The primary structure is reinforced concrete. The building opened in 2010, as part of the new development called Downtown Dubai. It is designed to be the centerpiece of large-scale, mixed-use development. The decision to build the building is reportedly based on the government’s decision to diversify from an oil-based economy, and for Dubai to gain international recognition.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai

After a few hours spent in the Downtown we went to Atlantis Dubai. In Dubai you can easily travel with a taxi. The prices are really reasonable. Other option is buying a daily pass which costs about 5 EUR per person.

Atlantis, The Palm is a hotel resort located at the apex of the Palm Jumeirah.It was the first resort to be built on the island and is themed on the myth of Atlantis. In the resort you have anything you need: the best restaurants, amazing aqua park, dolphins bay and many more.

That was only our first day. Second post from Dubai is coming soon. To have a better idea what you can see more watch the below movie:)

Almost ready to go-packing (Australia)

 3 days to go to Dubai and Australia

Today is Sunday, end of the weekend😦 unfortunately. It means that I should start packing. I don’t feel a big drama about packing. I think I used to it due to regular travelling. My bag for business trip is always ready. I found  my own system how to do it fast and efficient:

-Never take more than 10 kg (usually I travel only with a hand luggage)-It saves you also time at the airport (you can go straight to the gate).

-Buy small cosmetics, toothbrush and have them ready. It helps!!!! I never forget anything and I am always ready to go;

-Prepare a pair of elegant shoes and a pair of sporty, comfy shoes-You can survive with this set everywhere🙂

-Take a few credit cards with you in case you lose one you still have others. Had already those situation in my life that having a few credit cards saved me.

-If you are not sure about taking something it means DON’T TAKE IT and use the space for other things (mostly clothes).

-LESS is MORE-Traveling gives you an opportunity to buy something locally. It’s a better solution than taking all your stuff from home;

My list

I will not show you all my backpack but only a few gadgets which can be useful.

  1. Underwater action camera- It’s my newest toy which I want to explore on Hamilton Island🙂

2. Guide books-I never book my holidays with an agency so guide books, blogs, forums are necessary to guide you during each journey.

3. Dry fit clothes- After a few times in Asia I cant imagine to travel without them. Easy to wash, fast dry, comfy- you should always have them with you!

4. Passport and tickets-We have booked about 9 flights and therefore a nice travel bag from Connections is a good place to keep your tickets. Passport have to be valid at least 6 months. Don’t forget about your visa to Australia!!!

5. Good backpack-From my own experience it’s better to invest in a good quality backpack instead of having pain all the time. I like my Deuter very much (perfect size and weight);


6. Books, sunglasses, “selfie” stick-A few gadgets which make you happy🙂



7. My dog-Would take him with me if I could🙂

My trip to Tunisia-Sousse

Today I take you to Tunisia. It’s been a while when I visited this country. I am writing now about because I was lucky to be there before all the revolution started. Tunisia is one of those countries which main income is tourism, A few years ago Tunisia was one of the most popular vacation’s destination but now due to the last terrorism attack people are afraid to go there (Last terrorism attack in Tunisia). I spent one week in Sousse’ area last time.

Where is Sousse?

Only 2 hours by plane from Belgium and you are in Sousse. Most of travel agencies will offer you many offers with a charter plane and hotel included. You can also book a flight “on your own” but it might be most expensive.

What to do there?

Sousse offers many cultural sightseeing draws, making it the country’s number one spot for a holiday.  It’s no wonder this ancient seaside town continues to charm all those who visit.

The Medina (Old Town) of Sousse is one of the finest examples of Arab architecture in Tunisia, preserved almost completely unchanged throughout the centuries. A visit here is a must on any Sousse trip.

Wandering around here is like slipping back a few centuries in history. Narrow lanes are lined with closely packed houses, rising up and leaving just a sliver in between.

Northwest of Sousse’s Great Mosque, the tower of the Ribat is the city’s major landmark. This was one of a chain of around 800 fortifications built by the Aghlabid dynasty along the Tunisian coast. Today only a few of these buildings survive.The solid walls of the ribats offered the population protection from invasion and served as bases for offensive and defensive action.

The Kasbah is one of Sousse’s grandest monuments. Its 30 m Khalef el Fata tower (named after its builder) is one of the oldest towers still standing in North Africa. The Kasbah’s topmost platform is 50 m above that of the Ribat, making it the best place to get Medina views.

Sousse’s fortress-like Great Mosque is another top attraction. The mosque originally had two defensive towers, which guarded the harbour in earlier centuries. The domes of the minarets were later additions.

Port El Kantaoui– The resort is centered round a large marina with over 300 moorings. It contains several luxury hotels and blocks of holiday apartments along the beachfront, as well as restaurants, cafés, a shopping centre and a wide range of sports facilities.