My Guide to The World

by Renata P.


November 2015

Who am I and why I have created this blog?

Who am I? My name is Renata. I am a girl born in 87 living in Belgium and having one big passion-travelling. Why do I create the blog? I have decided to create this blog to share my way of life. I... Continue Reading →

Snow in November? Why not-lets hike in the Ardennes

Last weekend I decided to stay in Belgium to enjoy first snowy, cold weekend. Am I crazy? No, no I just like the beautiful landscapes covered by snow. Where have I been? Living in Belgium is so easy 2 hours of driving and... Continue Reading →

Active day in Germany- Eifel National Park

Did I tell you already how much I like to be surprised? This weekend was for me one big surprise. The unexpected destination was Germany ( 200 km from Brussels area). We left Friday afternoon to have 2 full days... Continue Reading →

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