Did I tell you already how much I like to be surprised?

This weekend was for me one big surprise. The unexpected destination was Germany ( 200 km from Brussels area). We left Friday afternoon to have 2 full days to relax and enjoy beautiful landscapes and nature.

Where is Eifel National Park?

If you take a car and drive towards Germany you can’t miss it. Eifel is just across the Belgium-Germany border.

The Eifel National Park

An area of 110 square kilometers is covered by deciduous and coniferous woods, lakes, streams and open grassland. One large contiguous stretch of forest with a high percentage of beech woods is the region known as the Kermeter. This forested area is accessible and offers a large number of interesting walks. The Eifel National Park is home to over 7,100 animal and plants.

What to do there?

Around 240 kilometers of paths are open to visitors of the Eifel National Park. Cyclists may use 104 kilometers of these and riders 65 kilometers.  All paths are marked with wooden signs and shown on the current walking map.

Where to begin?

We decided to leave our car at Rurberg and from there begin our hike. You have many possibilities with different distances. We wanted to enjoy beautiful sunny day and we have chosen a walk next to the Rursee. If you want to have vacation feeling this option will be perfect for you.