Last weekend I decided to stay in Belgium to enjoy first snowy, cold weekend. Am I crazy? No, no I just like the beautiful landscapes covered by snow.

Where have I been?

Living in Belgium is so easy 2 hours of driving and you can be in 4 other countries (depends which direction you take) or you can go to the Ardennes. Our choice was clear-We want to see FIRST SNOW! We went to hike in the neighborhood of the Baraque Michel.

Baraque Michel

It is a locality in the municipality Jalhay, in the High Fens, eastern Belgium. Before the annexation of the Eastern Cantonsby Belgium in 1919, it was the highest point of Belgium. Now it is the third highest point at 674 metres (after the nearby Signal de Botrange (694 metres )and the Weißer Stein (691 metres ).

The Baraque itself is a starting point of many excursions. The Baraque Michel was founded between 1811 and 1813 by Michel Schmitz.

Several rivers of Belgium, part of the basin of Vesdre, take their source in the vicinity. The principal ones are Gileppe, Hoëgneand Helle.