Who am I?

My name is Renata. I am a girl born in 87 living in Belgium and having one big passion-travelling.

Why do I create the blog?

I have decided to create this blog to share my way of life. I would like to show you how to travel and not to spend too much money. Apart from my journey around the world my idea is to show you a simple example of exploring our planet with all possible senses.

Made you curious?  If yes please wait for the coming posts.

Why do I travel?

Since I remember I never wanted to live a simple, traditional life in one place. Some people don’t have need to visit  faraway countries or have any desire to have a contact with cultures that are different from their own.

Maybe it will sound simple but I love to meet new people and the adrenaline while planning a new trip. Visiting beautiful islands, the mysterious cities, the unique cultures, the natural wonders and of course different people give me much more pleasure than other things.
My life has is a combination of destinations, concepts, opportunities, friendships and challenges.

Since four years I am living in Belgium where I have many opportunities to explore our beautiful Earth.

Where have I been?

Below you can see my Travel Map which regularly I will try to update.

Until now I was able to visit countries on 4 continents. I will share with more details in coming posts.

Where do I want to go?

Probably it will not be spectacular but as many travelers I want to visit Australia. My dreams will come true in a few months.

Hope you will like my blog which can be a Guide and Inspiration to discover the World.

Renata P.