Bad time for Brussels

Still remember my first visit in Brussels. It was already long time ago. Now I am living in Belgium and a distance between my home and Brussels is 20 km.

This post is for people who’ve never been here. We would like to take you for a virtual trip. Every time when my family or friends come to Belgium we take them to Brussels and show more or less touristic places depends on priority.

My first visit was positive but never had the feeling to stay here longer like in other places in Europe.

Brussels is a French-speaking island in the Flemish part of Belgium. 

Every 3rd person living in Brussels is a foreigner. All thanks to the fact that more than 50 international organizations have chosen her as his seat in the European Union and NATO. As New York is considered the unofficial capital of the world, so Brussels can successfully lay claim to the title of capital of Europe. There are, in fact, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and many other Community bodies. 

Are there good reasons to visit Brussels?

Brussels is a modern and multicultural city with hidden architectural gems. Personally I don’t see myself living in Brussels. This city is too multicultural in my opinion and sometimes it is difficult to find real Brussels’s. Some districts are dominated by other nationalities. I know that I am also a foreigner living in Belgium so this comment shouldn’t come from me but everything should have a limit. Please don’t take it wrongly but people living together in the same city, country should integrate and not build a small “ghetto”.

In the news you can find the same opinion. Sad story being the capitol of terrorism. I know I shouldn’t say that but Belgium is guilty for all the situation. The politicians should start talking to each other and start to build one strong country and not 3 separate governments.

Positive sides of Brussels

There are positive, beautiful areas in Brussels. Especially if you come for a visit and don’t take to consideration staying here.

Lower Brussels is a team of urban buildings of the seventeenth century, and the medieval market town hall. 

Grand Place is considered one of the most attractive markets in Europe and lead to the narrow streets surrounded by classic town houses. Every two years in August on the square there is the flower carpet. 

The Rogier Square you can find here the famous district of houses with red lanterns.

Upper Brussels is called. district wealth. There are most of the city of castles, palaces, parks, beautiful gardens, luxurious hotels and diplomatic missions. Avenues are wide, comfortable, they are surrounded by lush vegetation. There are, among other things, the parliament of Belgium, government buildings and a lot of very elegant shops.

Public transport

The company STIB offers us four metro lines, trams and underground ground, buses. Metro stations are marked with blue letters on a white background M, bus stops trademark red-and-white, and blue-and-white tram.

Food and drinks

Pls take a look at St. Gery square where you can find nice small restaurants with normal prices. Eating close to Grand Place can be costly. 

Budget- friendly are famous Belgium fries. Take an opportunity to taste them with an andalouse sous. Delicious!!! 

Belgium is well-known from 1000 kinds of beers. A place where you can taste many different beers calls Delirium.  I know it is a touristic place but it is worth to go there once. It is not the cheapest place but it has a special atmosphere.