Before you even started

If you want to travel to Russia, you need a Russian visa. In order to gets Russian visa, the first thing you need is an invitation (also known as visa support letter). After that, you can apply for the visa at a Russian consulate either by yourself or through a local travel agent (usually for an extra fee). In my case the full procedure took me 5 weeks (got my visa 3 days before my departure-cost 150 EUR with an agency fee). Please take it to consideration  when you plan your visit.

Booking tickets

Moscow has 3 big international Airports. In my case I had to be in the northern part of Moscow so decided to take the closest airport. You have many airlines going to Moscow (Aeroflot, LOT, even WizzAir (via Budapest)). If you are lucky you can find tickets for aprx. 150-200 EUR. Booking last minute can be costly.

Public transport

From the Airport you can take a train (which is later connected to metro). The metro in Moscow is one oldest. In my opinion someone who invented the system was very smart. All the lines are going to Centre, you have also one line which make a circle around the center. You can buy tickets at each metro station (last time it was difficult with credit card so have some cash).

What to see?

Be  ready that Moscow is so huge that it’s easy to get lost and miss the best attractions. As a metropolis, it’s also fairly expensive. Below my personal TOP attractions.

  1. Free Concert at Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory-Why not?

If you have time you should definitely pass by this place of course if you appreciate classical music – just remember to check the program in advance to find out which concerts you can attend for free.



  1. Sokolniki Park- The Central Park of Moscow

Located just a little bit outside downtown Moscow, Sokolniki is a huge park perfect for long walks, jogging and even skiing during the winter. What I really liked were small cozy bars with nice music. Perfect for going out.


3 Free Moscow Tour- all possible.

If you search well you can always find free activities. Check TripAdvisor ( It truly is a great way to get to know our gigantic city. Note that pre-bookings are very often required. (

  1. Kuzminki

This beautiful homestead complex is surrounded by vast parkland and a forest. Beautiful architecture, a huge variety of entertainment throughout the year.-that’s what you can expect.


  1. Nature at Kolomenskoe

Formerly a royal estate, this nature reserve is located several kilometers from the city center. Even though the royalty left long ago, the area still has a certain regal atmosphere.


  1. Moscow’s artistic metro stations

It’s fairly well known that Moscow has one of the most beautiful and ornate metro systems in the world. If you do a little research online and create your own itinerary, you won’t need a guided tour to discover some fascinating art.


  1. Red Square– For sure you know the famous Red Square from TV, magazines, books. This place made biggest impression on me while my visit in Moscow (actually was expecting it bigger).

If you’ve never travelled to Russia, you’re probably struggling to imagine what Moscow is like, and if you know more than one person who has been, the chances are that you have heard extremely conflicting opinions about it. But Moscow’s strange charm remains. The city was super modern, clean, safe and has so many things to offer. Traditionally, Moscow has been regarded as an exotic, enigmatic, and powerful metropolis. I was in love after my first visit.