Fast decision

Living in Belgium has many positive aspects. One of them is a central location. This helps to make a spontaneous decision to visit Amsterdam, Paris, London, Cologne and many more. Last weekend I have chosen Luxembourg. It was not my first visit in the country (last one was many years ago).

How to get there?

It’s so easy to travel within the European continent because it’s so small and well connected.

You can easily take a train, bus, cheap flight or just a car like it was in my case.

How to plan?

Luxembourg is such a small country, often overlooked by more famous cities nearby like Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam. And the bigger question…do you even know what to do in Luxembourg to get the most out of your trip?

Where to stay?

Usually I use a website which didn’t disappoint me so far. A quick check and I have seen that prices for my last minute booking were on the high side. More convenient was to stay in Germany ( Minden~ 5 km from the border) where I could sleep for less than 50 Euro per night.

You can easily use other services like .

Luxemburg City

Less than 3 hours and I arrived in Germany. Fast check in and I could begin my exploring. It took me 30 minutes and I was enjoying the capital of Luxembourg. I noticed immediately that the population was incredibly diverse, I  heard more foreign languages spoken than I could count. Making a small research afterwards I discovered that Luxembourg City has a foreigner community of nearly 75%.

I left my car and started to walk (personally for me that’s the best way to explore new places and meet people). I would recommend taking a walk around the city any time of day to experience the views of the opposing cliffs, the far reaching bridges and the small river.

Castle Beaufort

Next point of my visit was a castle Beaufort ( . Before going there I would recommend you to check the openings time (in winter the castle is closed much earlier). The old castle, protected by a moat was built in the early 11th Century. Places like that are always fascinating me. After your visit you will be invited for a free degustation of a famous liqueur coming from this region.

Vianden Castle in Northern Luxembourg

Vianden is the most beautiful castle in Luxembourg, only 50 km distance from Luxembourg City and it’s easily reachable via train and bus, taking about 1 hour. More info on .

You can find in many guidebooks a recommendation to visit this castle. Normally I am very skeptical to touristic places but in this case I need to fully agree.

Hope you enjoyed my trip to Luxembourg.

Renata P.