A short weekend in Turin 

Turin has been the Italy capital, and this is still evident in its architecture. Turin is the city of the very big and wide streets with their beautiful arcades that lead to the Po river. The elegant palaces and the gallerias, where you can breathe a little past. In my opinion Turin has its own character, a bit old fashion, sometimes mysterious.

And indeed the city full of mystery, because it is called “the city of the devil”.

What to see?

1.The Mole Antonelliana

When you arrive at the airport immediately you will see some pictures of Turin City. Definitely on one of them you will see this symbol of the city. The Mole Antonelliana was conceived to become a synagogue when the works began in 1863, it was projected by the architect Alessandro Antonelli. The Mole is 163,35 meters high, and it is the highest monument of Italy. You can easily visit this place (tickets cost less than 10 Euro). More info : www.museocinema.it

2.The Castle square in Turin

This square is the most famous square of Turin: this has always been the central point of the life of this city, since the Roman age. This square was planned in XVI Century already. If you are in Turin please take a walk to this square.

3. Turin – St John Cathedral

The Cathedral of Turin is dedicated to the Saint Patron of the city: St John.The Chapel hosted for long time the famous relic: the holy shroud should be the linen cloth with which was covered the body of Jesus Christ after the crucifixion and on which is bared the image of the Christ. Every year hundreds of pilgrims go to this Chapel to see this unbelievable relic.

4. Valentino Castle

The Castle and the park of Valentino are situated in the center of the city near the Po riverside. The legend tells that the duchess wanted this castle as place for its love meetings, and that she used to kill her lovers throwing them into a well. The building is horseshoe shaped with four towers and a central court with a marble pave. The park, that today is a public space, completely surrounds the castle.

Probably there is much more to see but I didn’t have this luxury, what is always a good reason to come back.