Paris, Paris

Paris, Paris, Paris … must see for many people … worth seeing at least once in their lives.

So I wrote in the last post. Paris – the direction of many a tourist’s dream, a city of incredible sights, diverse architecture, the city of fashion, culture, art, famous for its fine dining and unique, atmospheric places..

I hope that the information will be useful to someone, when I just decided to go to Paris and not have their own concepts and thoughts about what and in what order he wants to see.


Our plan:


We visited the cathedral of Notre-Dame And the Sainte-Chapelle  and walk crossed the 5th district in the direction of the Museum of Natural History. Next step is an Eiffel Tower and the neighborhood. A bit of relax in one of cozy café’s.  That’s a “must do” in Paris. The prices are terrible for drinks so as recommendation pls. take some food (more reasonable price).


After breakfast we went to see  Montmartre and the Sacré-Coeur Basilica. We wandered the streets of the climate itself neighborhood in search of spots from the movie Amélie. We returned on foot through the district Negro full hairdressers. Then we headed straight to the Louvre. Visited museum in the express pace (3 hours).


And what is “a must see” while you are in the capital of France?

1. Eiffel Tower– It is a symbol of Paris, and even the whole of France. It has a 320 meters high and for many years was the highest building in the world.


2. Arc de Triomphe was built by order of Napoleon Bonaparte.It Is 49 meters high and 45 meters wide. The facade is decorated with allegorical sculptures, and are located on the name of the town where the battles were played in the course of global expansion and the names of Napoleon’s generals and marshals.


3. Notre Dame de Paris, located on the Cite – an island in the Seine. This is a great gothic architecture with gargoyles and amazing, spacious interior with a distinctive dark blue stained glass round (rosette) and soaring arches above the chancel. A short distance from the monument are interesting Archeological Crypt of excavations from Roman times.


4. Sacre Coeur
, located on a hill in Montmartre (bound and reminds one of the windmills, which were created over time cabarets of the nineteenth – century artists – bohemians like van Gogh, Monet, and Lautrec, hanging out in bars, living in the cheapest the flats and their greatest works of painters here, in a place steeped in freedom, fun, art and rebellion). You can go to the temple after the monumental stairs that lead to it from the foot of the hill, or the special cable car.


5. The Louvre, Paris proved the royal palace (its construction was initiated in the twelfth century), which is one of the most famous and valuable works of art collecting museum in the world. The main entrance to the museum is through the glass pyramid in the courtyard is in front of the building. Every first Sunday of the month and on July 14 the entrance to the Louvre is free!

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6. Bois de Boulogne, is one of the largest green areas of Paris. You can relax by walking, cycling, horseback, boat or swim on one of the lakes or watching a show at the theater in the open air or in one of the numerous cafes.

7. Hotel des Invalides, built in the classical style commissioned by King Louis XIV palace complex, which was a refuge – a place where they could live peacefully veterans There is also a Museum of the Army, where you can see exhibitions of military history from antiquity until the time of WWII.

8. The catacombs are located 20 meters underground and built in limestone quarries in the hills Montparnase, Montriuge and Montsouris already in Roman times (Gallo-Roman quarries Denfert-Rochereau).

9. Sainte Chapelle
, the thirteenth century Gothic chapel built by St. Louis, who wanted to put here important relics of the Passion of Jesus. It consists of two parts – the lower and upper chapel. Although at the time of the French Revolution was destroyed and converted into a food store, it has retained its mysterious, dark character. Attracted great attention here thirteenth century stained glass, as well as arched ceilings, columns supporting the ceiling and wooden statues of the apostles.

What else to do and see in Paris:

Must walk along the Seine or in the evening take advantage of the tourist boat trips on the river. Another option is a modern part of Paris.