Fast trip to Bristol

When I travel from work my schedule is very tight. The fact confirms ONE day trip to Bristol-Capital of Wales. First impression after my arrival was lots of green places, parks, hills etc. The symbol of Bristol is  iconic Suspension Bridge.


How to visit?

You can take a boat, bike or balloon-Yes I am not joking regarding the balloons. In Bristol everything is possible and apparently very popular. I personally didn’t do that but who knows-maybe next time 🙂


A few facts

West England, it has its own unmistakable identity, grounded in roots from centuries past and carved out since by passionate locals and spirited fans. A hotbed of artists and activists, walk the streets and become part of a living canvas.

What to do in Bristol?

Take a boat! From spices and tobacco to sugar and slaves, Bristol was built on the trade that its docks and floating harbour enabled. Thankfully, the city’s economy is based more on service than servitude these days, but the waterways around which Bristol is built remain one of its greatest assets. There are numerous ways for you to hop on a boat and see the city from the waterline. Bristol Ferry Boats operate waterbus services whole year for locals and tourists alike, letting you jump on and off as you chose, from Temple Meads to the SS Great Britain.

Take a bike! Cycling round Bristol can be hard work.  However, jumping on your bike in Bristol isn’t just about getting splattered with mud, swerved into by cars and screamed at by pedestrians each and every rush hour – in the UK’s first ‘cycling city’, there are plenty of great things to do on two wheels. And don’t worry- you can always drag your bike onto the train if you don’t fancy the return leg.

Please be aware that Bristol isn’t flat. There are, like Rome, meant to be seven hills in Bristol.  All those massive mounds might make getting around town hard work on your calves, but they give the city much of its unique charm. If you want to have an amazing view on the city go Brandon Hill park, just behind Park Street, and climb the tight spiral staircase to the top of Cabot Tower to view the entire city in one glorious go.

Enjoy Graffiti Art! Bristol is covered in graffiti, for good and for bad. But mostly for good. While everybody knows about Stokes Croft and what’s left of Nelson Street, if you’re looking for top-quality ‘street art’, you’re better off heading to Dean Lane skatepark in Bedminster.

Local shops! Bristol isn’t like other cities, we all know that. One of the things that makes our town so unique is the huge amount and variety of independent shops that comprise many of its busiest areas. You can buy original things and support the locals.

Cross the bridge! Clifton Suspension Bridge is much more than just a masterpiece of design and engineering. Considered to be Brunel’s greatest work, it’s an internationally recognised icon of the city of which we can all be proud. Whether you’re new in town or you’ve lived here all your life, there’s no more impressive site in our city. If you’ve never crossed the Bridge, then make it top of this list immediately.


Hope next time I will have more time to discover other sides of Bristol. Have you ever been there? Feel free to give me some tips!