General info- Canals, briges…For me- this is Amsterdam.

How to get there?

200 km driving and we are in Amsterdam. It is a nice alternative to escape from Brussels.

Today as usuall we want to give you some tips to visit this city in a budget friendly way.

You have other options too:

-Fast train Thalys ( Prices from Brussels ~ 70 EUR

-IC train. Prices ~ 30 EUR

-EuroLines ~15 EUR

-BlaBla Car ( ~depends on offer ~15 EUR

How to visit?

Best to get to know the city from two perspectives, the water and walking. I would recommend this departs to begin your cruise from the Damrak, the ride takes about 45 minutes, and Amsterdam as seen from the side of the channel is different, interesting and beautiful.

Walking through Amsterdam is also nice due as many stops as you wish. In Amsterdam you can taste local products, try some beers or do some shopping. They were delicious. In the summer, in sunny weather, I’m sure you’ll see locals who sit in front of the house and sip wine or eat dinner.


Amsterdam is, of course, Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House Museum, Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum (National Museum), and many others, but you can read about it in any guidebook. A visit to the Van Gogh Museum and Rijskmuseum plan a Friday evening, after 18:00. On Fridays, the two museums are open until 22:00, so, we can admire the art of all in the more intimate circle, with a glass of wine in hand.

Going out

If you not feel like visiting Museums please take a look what famous Rembrandt square has to offer. There you can find many pubs, bars and clubs. It is more a place for young people or a perfect place for a bachelor party. Amsterdam is also dark bars and pubs, especially those specializing in a drink. Some of the beers, some whiskey or liqueurs.

How long to stay in Amsterdam?

 You don’t need a week, weekend is enough to feel the atmosphere of the city and want to go back. In Amsterdam, it is necessary to eat French fries with mayonnaise and taste delicious, Dutch cheeses. Amsterdam is one the most beautiful city in the world and for other city stinking gutters, prostitutes and drug addicts The city is safe, even in the “pink area” around the Oude Kerk (Old Church) masses of tourists can safely walk. The city has a unique international atmosphere.

 A small tip: Be careful and watch out well around because cyclists are everywhere and in the most unexpected moment you can come up with a speeding biker which would amount to a serious injury.

Where to start our visit?

Good starting point can be the main train station (Amsterdam Centraal). Coming out of the station we have basically three options start exploring Amsterdam, the following:

• ahead: Dam Square – straight down the main street Damrak leading to the central square

• Right: Jordaan – an interesting street Haarlemmerdijk Harlemmerstraat and start your tour of the seventeenth-century “folk” Jordaan district

• Left: brothels – equally interesting Chinese street Zeedijk and quickly hit the red-light district.

 Everyone in Amsterdam speaks English so if you are lost someone definitely will help you. I feel that English is easier to communicate than in Amsterdam Dutch. The number of foreigners is so large that English dominates practically in the tourist center of the city.