If you have enough crowded Ibiza there is a solution for you-Formentera. Less than one hour by ferry from Ibiza Town and you will enjoy completely different atmosphere.

Where is Formentera?

This Balearic island is much less lively than its hedonistic sister, Ibiza. The island of Formentera, fourth largest of the Balearics, hangs off the southern edge of Ibiza. You will get a free map almost everywhere with major points to see. (The island is small so you will not get lost 🙂 )

How to visit Formentera?

After arriving in a port La Savina you can rent a mountain bike, car or motor cycle. The prices are in Spanish standard (not so expensive). I visited Formentera after night in Pacha but this didn’t stop me to rent a bike and explore the island in my favorite way.

Top things to do in Formentera

Amazing beaches-You can easily find sandy beaches and splendid scenery. Formentera is considered as the last bastion of earthly paradise on the Mediterranean. If you want to relax and swim in blue lagoons this is the place to be.

Rent a bike-For a little price you can have a great work out. Formentera is not big, mostly flat and from time to time hilly. If you are there in summer take a few liters of water-It will be necessary. I managed to bike 50 Km in sunny weather with some stops to cool down in the sea.

Water sports– The island can be considered as a water sport paradise with its crystal water and sheltered bays. You can choose between windsurfing, kite surfing, catamaran, kayaking, scuba diving, sailing, jet-skis and many more.

The best locations for water sports are:

-Es Pujols beach

-Iiletes beach.

Visit La Mola Lighthouse-if you reach this point you will see best landscapes of the island. This lighthouse is situated on the highest point of the island. The spectacular views of Formentera and the Mediterranean by the cliffs is amazing.

Visit Cap de Barbaria-another spectacular viewpoint on Formentera. The region is located on a beautiful area formed by rocks on the south of the island. It takes a while to get there by bike but it’s a must.