For many people, Bangkok is usually the starting point of each journey to Thailand but also to Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia. Last years you can find tickets to Bangkok for even 300 EUR from Europe, all depends on the season and your flexibility.

If you look into my previous post you will find out that I scheduled to visit Bangkok twice (at the begging and at the end). Actually it was very convenient. Bangkok is so huge that we still didn’t visit everything, what is a very good reason to go there once again.

If it will be your first time in Thailand I made a small selection of top things to see.


Wat Arun

It is a very beautiful temple but the most amazing pictures you will get at sunset and at night when hundreds of lights let the Wat Arun shine golden. To visit the temple you need to pay an entrance fee of 50 baht per person. Don’t forget to have a proper clothes covering your shoulders and knees. You can climb up the stairs the tower with a height of 80 m from where you will enjoy a great view over the capital of Thailand.



Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo

Since the King is greatly admired in Thailand, actually every Thai visits here at least once in his life. The interior of the temple is very impressive with almost everything covered by gold. This place is definitely the biggest attraction for tourists. The same rules regarding clothes apply here.


Wat Pho and the Reclining Buddha

In the centre of Bangkok’s old town is the Wat Pho temple (walking distance from the Grand Palace). The whole temple complex with garden is worth a visit but the highlight is the Reclining Buddha statue. The 45 meter statue is a very popular photo theme.


The Chatuchak Market

The market is open during and it’s one of the biggest in the world. You can find here anything you need (clothes, food, seasons, souvenirs, cosmetics). I would recommend you also to try some local Thai cuisine, which will cost you almost nothing.


The sky bars

Bangkok has an amazing skyline. Probably you have sseen the Hangover 2 movie whicg was made on the Lebua State Tower. The prices are high but you actually pay for the view. If you have a chance to spend “One night in Bangkok” just do it and pay 15 EUR per cocktail.


Chinatown is an attraction in itself. The small streets with many Chinese shops have their own special atmosphere.


Standing Buddha

The 32 meter high statue called Luang Pho Tho is decorated in gold leaf and glass mosaic and looks very impressive. Everyone should have seen this at least once.


The Lumphini Park

The “Central Park” of Bangkok is a perfect place to work out. . If you have enough from the busy city life, you can take a break here. This is a nice change of pace from big city life and definitely one of my favourite places in .

Wat Saket

As one of the oldest temples in Bangkok the Temple of the Golden. In order to enjoy the view from the 79 meter high-banked mountain of the temple, 318 steps must be taken.