Where is Ko Pha Ngan?

Our stay at Ko Samui was not only limited to one island. To explore even more we booked a day trip to are of Ko Pha Ngan.


Ko Phangan is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is the best backpacking destination in Southern Asia.   Tourists started discovering this area in the 1980’s, and due to the fame of the Full Moon Parties, it has been popular ever since. There are tons of beautiful beaches, but be prepared for a lot of partying at this destination. You can escape the madness that is Haat Rin (location of the Full Moon Party), and head to the northern or eastern beaches on the island. The distance between Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan is less than one hour by boat.

ko phanghan

What Ko Pha Ngan can offer to you?

Koh Phangan’s attractions are self evident: its beautiful beaches, peaceful vistas and powder-soft sand along with a dense jungle island interior are all aces in the island’s pack of cards. Along with this obvious draw, the spiritual side of the island is manifested through its 20 temples, each with its own serene and unique atmosphere.

There are no cinemas on Koh Phangan but if you are in need of an adrenalin rush then check out the Muay Thai kickboxing competitions where there are no need for actors or stuntmen – it’s the Real McCoy, knockouts and all.

What did we do?

As you can see from my other posts I love to discover as much as possible. Each moment to explore nature, trekking, hiking are my best activities. Our trip was not passive, we did a hike with an altitude of 400 m in 30 min on rocks by temperature of 40 degrees. It was amazing experience, especially when we could see other small islands from the top. Of course we snorkeled too-This is the must in Thailand.

Convinced? If not below small selection of pictures taken during the trip 🙂