Where is Khao Lak situated?

Khao Lak is a little town 80km north of Phuket which seems to still be relatively unknown. Everyone has heard of Phuket, but Khao Lak still remains very quiet and I am surprised how often visitors to Phuket have not heard of it. Khao Lak was never the top touristic place but over the years has tried to find it’s own identity.



The town was just slowly getting to be popular but unfortunately in 2004 the tsunami caused massive damage in the area. What is amazing today is that the local Thai people have rebuilt Khao Lak into a world-class beach town once again, aided by the fact that Khao Lak’s natural beauty make it a haven for secluded beaches, peaceful nights, and astonishing sunsets.


Memorial of the tsunami

Personally when I arrived to Khao Lak was feeling like entering dead city. Not too many people were walking around. Bars and restaurants were empty. Not all of the hotels are rebuilt yet what gives an impression that something bad happened here. I have visited a small museum made by locals showing the real stories of people who survived the huge disaster. If you will be ever in Khao Lak try to visit one of those museums. It will show you how unbelievable power has our nature.

Hidden beauty

For many tourists Khao Lak is an extension to Phuket, which has its own international airport People taking the “easy way” will choose for noisy Phuket which has much easier access than getting by bus, taxi to Khao Lak. If you are looking for more relaxing place then definitely you shoud visit Khao Lak (perfect for families with children). I definitely would recommend you to visit this place from two reasons: to see undiscovered beautiful beaches and for sure to support the locals after the huge disaster.

Khao Lak is the ideal launch point to visit the Similan Islands National Park but let me explain more in the next post.