My Guide to The World

by Renata P.


February 2016

Almost ready to go-packing (Australia)

 3 days to go to Dubai and Australia Today is Sunday, end of the weekend 😦 unfortunately. It means that I should start packing. I don't feel a big drama about packing. I think I used to it due to regular... Continue Reading →

My trip to Tunisia-Sousse

Today I take you to Tunisia. It's been a while when I visited this country. I am writing now about because I was lucky to be there before all the revolution started. Tunisia is one of those countries which main... Continue Reading →

My dreams come true-Trip to Australia PLAN

My dream-Australia Since I remember Australia was always my number one on "must seen" list. Why? Spectacular nature, unique animals that's what most of us remembers from lessons of geography. When a few months ago I found "cheap" tickets for less than... Continue Reading →

Ko Similan- Thailand part (8)

Day trip to the Similans Fine white sand beaches, thriving wildlife that’s what you can expect on the Similan island of Andaman Sea. The majority of visitors come on a day trip from Khao Lak. The prices for a day... Continue Reading →

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