Day trip to the Similans

Fine white sand beaches, thriving wildlife that’s what you can expect on the Similan island of Andaman Sea. The majority of visitors come on a day trip from Khao Lak.

The prices for a day trip are negotiable as usual in Thailand due the fact that the trip to Ko Similan takes almost1 hour by speed boat.


Diving Tours

If you want to learn how to dive or you are able to do that already Similan is the place to be.. It has typically two different kinds of diving. East side diving consists of gently sloping coral reefs with sandy patches with the occasional boulder in-between. The west side is known for its huge underwater granite boulders.


Overnight in the island

If you choose to overnight in the islands, you’ll still need to pay a single day rate for a tour company to take you there and pick you up in a speedboat.

The trip in practice

On the morning of my tour, a minibus picked me up to take me to the pier just south of Khao Lak beach. From here you will take a speedboat along with a dozen or so other travellers. The boat had adequate space for everyone and cold drinks, pastries and fresh fruit were offered as we skipped over the Andaman waves.


After arriving at Ko Miang right on schedule around 10:30, we were given about an hour to relax on the beach, do some snorkelling or hike up to a viewpoint before lunch. For the lunch you will get some simple Thai food with fresh fruits as dessert.  The view from the rocks is amazing.  After lunch we went to another two spots where we had time for snorkelling. Even snorkelling from the beach was wonderful, you could see big colourful fishes. Unfortunately my waterproof camera was broken. Maybe next time will have an opportunity to show you some pictures.