Today I take you to Tunisia. It’s been a while when I visited this country. I am writing now about because I was lucky to be there before all the revolution started. Tunisia is one of those countries which main income is tourism, A few years ago Tunisia was one of the most popular vacation’s destination but now due to the last terrorism attack people are afraid to go there (Last terrorism attack in Tunisia). I spent one week in Sousse’ area last time.

Where is Sousse?

Only 2 hours by plane from Belgium and you are in Sousse. Most of travel agencies will offer you many offers with a charter plane and hotel included. You can also book a flight “on your own” but it might be most expensive.

What to do there?

Sousse offers many cultural sightseeing draws, making it the country’s number one spot for a holiday.  It’s no wonder this ancient seaside town continues to charm all those who visit.

The Medina (Old Town) of Sousse is one of the finest examples of Arab architecture in Tunisia, preserved almost completely unchanged throughout the centuries. A visit here is a must on any Sousse trip.

Wandering around here is like slipping back a few centuries in history. Narrow lanes are lined with closely packed houses, rising up and leaving just a sliver in between.

Northwest of Sousse’s Great Mosque, the tower of the Ribat is the city’s major landmark. This was one of a chain of around 800 fortifications built by the Aghlabid dynasty along the Tunisian coast. Today only a few of these buildings survive.The solid walls of the ribats offered the population protection from invasion and served as bases for offensive and defensive action.

The Kasbah is one of Sousse’s grandest monuments. Its 30 m Khalef el Fata tower (named after its builder) is one of the oldest towers still standing in North Africa. The Kasbah’s topmost platform is 50 m above that of the Ribat, making it the best place to get Medina views.

Sousse’s fortress-like Great Mosque is another top attraction. The mosque originally had two defensive towers, which guarded the harbour in earlier centuries. The domes of the minarets were later additions.

Port El Kantaoui– The resort is centered round a large marina with over 300 moorings. It contains several luxury hotels and blocks of holiday apartments along the beachfront, as well as restaurants, cafés, a shopping centre and a wide range of sports facilities.