3 days to go to Dubai and Australia

Today is Sunday, end of the weekend 😦 unfortunately. It means that I should start packing. I don’t feel a big drama about packing. I think I used to it due to regular travelling. My bag for business trip is always ready. I found  my own system how to do it fast and efficient:

-Never take more than 10 kg (usually I travel only with a hand luggage)-It saves you also time at the airport (you can go straight to the gate).

-Buy small cosmetics, toothbrush and have them ready. It helps!!!! I never forget anything and I am always ready to go;

-Prepare a pair of elegant shoes and a pair of sporty, comfy shoes-You can survive with this set everywhere 🙂

-Take a few credit cards with you in case you lose one you still have others. Had already those situation in my life that having a few credit cards saved me.

-If you are not sure about taking something it means DON’T TAKE IT and use the space for other things (mostly clothes).

-LESS is MORE-Traveling gives you an opportunity to buy something locally. It’s a better solution than taking all your stuff from home;

My list

I will not show you all my backpack but only a few gadgets which can be useful.

  1. Underwater action camera- It’s my newest toy which I want to explore on Hamilton Island 🙂

2. Guide books-I never book my holidays with an agency so guide books, blogs, forums are necessary to guide you during each journey.

3. Dry fit clothes- After a few times in Asia I cant imagine to travel without them. Easy to wash, fast dry, comfy- you should always have them with you!

4. Passport and tickets-We have booked about 9 flights and therefore a nice travel bag from Connections is a good place to keep your tickets. Passport have to be valid at least 6 months. Don’t forget about your visa to Australia!!!

5. Good backpack-From my own experience it’s better to invest in a good quality backpack instead of having pain all the time. I like my Deuter very much (perfect size and weight);


6. Books, sunglasses, “selfie” stick-A few gadgets which make you happy 🙂



7. My dog-Would take him with me if I could 🙂