Practical information

Before our trip I read a few others blogs to find some info about Dubai. What was repeated constantly is that or you will hate Dubai or you will fall in love.

uaeThe United Arab Emirates is an Arabic country where the major religion is Islam. Not sure if you visited already other countries with a similar profile but I was very positively surprised. Women ( tourists) wear “normal” clothes: tops, shorts, dresses. I felt safe, nobody bothered me, commented my outfit etc. The positive feeling was exactly opposite to situation which I had in Tunisia or even Paris or Brussels where man constantly bother you. You only have to have in mind that in case you want to visit a mosque you need to be covered.


Getting up and catching a taxi was a part of our morning’s rituals. Our visiting started at The Mall of Dubai where we usually had a breakfast. You can find over there a huge selection of bars, restaurants with various choice (Asian, European, Bio food , Mexican, American and many more).

The Dubai Fountain

Just outside of The Mall of Dubai you can see The Dubai Fountain which is the world’s largest choreographed fountain system set on the 30-acre manmade Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of the Downtown Dubai. When I have seen the show it was a huge WOW. It definitely made the biggest impression on me.

You can see the show during day and by night until 23.00.

The old Dubai

Our next stop was the old, authentic Dubai. This time we took a metro from The Dubai Mall to Al Ras metro station (Green line).


You can do a nice walk in this area. I would suggest you to take also a water taxi to have a nice view from the water.

The souk

In the old Dubai one of the major attractions is the souk where you can buy almost everything. I enjoyed some orient  herbs and local clothes.

If you need a break  try some local smoothies or shakes by the Creek.

The Dubai Marina

This part of Dubai was definitely one of my favorite. It is a very modern area with high buildings next to beautiful marina full of yachts.  It is a “Must seen”!

The Mall of Emirates

Our last point of the trip was the Mall of Emirates-The biggest shopping mall on the world. Don’t think that we don’t do anything else like shopping 🙂 You can go skiing if you like-All options are available there.

My opinion

I love big cities and Dubai is one of those places where I feel the positive energy. It reminds me a bit of New York. You can definitely forget about your current life over there and explore new things. What is the most important for me that I felt safe! Don’t forget the Dubai is the city with the MOST high building , the MOST big shopping mall, the MOST fancy hotels. I could count many more but I will leave it up to you to discover 🙂