How long to stay?

While planning out trip to Australia it was difficult to choose detailed destinations, try to see as much as possible and enjoy in the same time. For me Tasmania was on my list to see. We decided to stay 4 and 1/2 days, you will think it is crazy because the island is huge and you can spend there easily 5 weeks. Unfortunately we are very limited with our vacation. If I could I would stay a few days longer.


How to travel around?

I have booked our tickets with JetStar from Melbourne to Launceston (due to cheaper rates than to Hobart) and don’t regret afterwards. We have been checking some options with a travel agency which organize some tours around Tasmania but the prices were very high and their program didn’t include things which I wanted to see.

At the very last moment we booked a car ( 2 hours in advance)- I know, a bit spontaneous decision 🙂  At the end we drove around and did 1600 km but will spread it in a few posts to not make you tired of Tasmania 🙂

Day 1-Northern Tasmania

nor tas

We arrived at Launceston at 11.00 what gave us almost a full day of exploring. We were a bit disappointed as the weather didn’t look promising (less than 20 degrees and rain) but after less than 20 km of driving it changed completely and we had a lovely, sunny day (what doesn’t happen too often in Tasmania).

Having a car gives you an opportunity to stop as many times as you wish. We went for a lunch to local bakery and tasted local sweets. Driving is also not very difficult (on main roads) except small roads in the mountains.

Our major stops were:




We had them more to enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Hope you enjoyed! Next 3 posts will be from different National Parks. Stay tuned!