Getting there

Last night we spent in Derwent Bridge to save some time and move already in another area. Mt Field National Park is just about one hour drive from Hobart (the capital of Tasmania).If you will follow A10 (the Brooker Highway) you can’t miss it as there is a clearly marked entrance.



This beautiful national park was added to the Tasmania Wilderness World Heritage Area in 2013 what is only 3 years ago. The park has spectacular glaciated landscapes, eucalyptus forests and an amazing network of excellent walking tracks. You can choose between short walks (15 minutes each) or long full day walks.

Russell Falls– It’s one of the highlights of this National Park. You can get there within 15 minutes from main entrance. For many people this three-tier waterfall is the prettiest in Tasmania.

My opinion

If you like nature this park will be perfect for. We have enjoyed the nice forests and beautiful walks. I would give 7/10 points for this National Park.