From Hamilton Island to Sydney

After lovely relaxing days in Whitsundays it came the time to say good bye and reach next point of our trip. From Airlie Beach we took a boat to get to Hamilton Island and from there we had already booked our plane straight to Sydney. The journey itself was already pleasant, including the amazing view while taking off from Hamilton Island and approaching Sydney.


Meeting the locals

Finally late afternoon we arrived in our hotel. This time we decided to take a hotel in the centre (close to Central Station) which actually was in good price compared to other places where we have stayed before. When we choose a hotel we try to see what will be the total cost (cheaper hotel + public transport, taxi or reasonable hotel + cheap public transport). This time we took the second option and actually we visited most of the city on foot and by boat (this we couldn’t avoid 🙂 ).

Fast shower and we were already excited to meet some friends who recommended us where to go, eat etc. Even if you don’t know anyone you will meet people. That’s the biggest difference compared to Western Europe- People are friendly, they start conversation, smile to you. This night we also have met some locals that we keep in touch until today.


Bondi Beach

Recently dubbed one of the Top 10 Beaches in Australia almost purely for cultural impact reasons, while it may not be, strictly speaking, the most beautiful beach in Australia, Bondi is without a doubt one of – if not the – most famous in the entire country. Situated close to the affluent eastern suburbs of Sydney, Bondi owes its popularity not only to its location but also to its great sand and clean waters while sitting close to the largest population centre in all of Australia. Bondi has a grassy hill that slopes into it and a series of casual lunch options coupled with a few higher-end restaurants that make getting food a relatively easy (albeit pricey) proposition.


Sydney Harbour Bridge

The climb will set you back at least some dollars, but you can get the next best thing for nix by simply strolling along the pedestrian pathway at the bridge’s eastern edge. The Opera House can be found on Sydney Harbour’s Bennelong Point at the northeastern tip of the Sydney  and is surrounded on three sides by the harbour, and is often seen in pictures and postcards along with the nearby Sydney Harbour Bridge, both of which usually combine to provide an overall representation of the Sydney Harbour panorama. For me the best view was from the boat (on the way back from Bondi Beach).


Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House stands apart from the rest of the harbour’s icons. Perhaps Australia’s most famous man-made icon worldwide, the Sydney Opera House is an unique feat of architectural design and engineering that helps add tremendously to the character of the already-scenic Sydney Harbour.




Royal Botanic Gardens

These beautifully kept and appointed gardens have everything from succulents to herbs, as well as a tropical greenhouse. A perfect picnic spot in the heart of the city. At the Botanic Gardens you can absorb amazing views of the harbor while walking through the immaculately-maintained greenery to view the endless array of plants and trees. Divided up into a series of specialised gardens, each of which emphasise a different area of the world.


Why I liked Sydney

Sydney is a truly vibrant city that is full of a consistent buzz and high degree of energy. Sydney has something to captivate you regardless of whether. The city is so large and full of things to do that there are a wide range of so-called locations and sights that, if you miss them, mean you will be missing out on some of the unique features that give Sydney its own distinct personality. The city is full of popular civic venues, landmarks and scenic spots, there is seemingly a location around every next corner!