Our road trip continues

Day by day our trip in Australia was going to the end. After Sydney and Blue Mountains we stopped in Canberra. Definitely that was the weirdest capital we’ve ever seen. Only positive side which I can think about is the form of the city (easy to find your way). For the rest the city looked dead (people were in a few spots only). Even our receptionist was not sure what to advise regarding local attractions:) It’s a pity that such city was built to become a capital. Read more on : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canberra

Kosciuszko National Park

Next morning we got up early to reach as soon as possible (Eastern Monday). Our aim was to climb the Mt. Kosciuszko. To get there we have chosen Summit Walk, which is a 9 km scenic route that follows the Old Summit Road towards Mount Kosciuszko and takes you through attractions such as the Snowy River, Seaman’s Hut and Rawson Pass. This multi-use track is popular with bushwalkers and mountain bikers alike.

We were very lucky with the weather- it was sunny and not that cold as expected.  The walk took us through some of the region’s stunning natural attractions, spectacular views overlooking the Bogong Peaks Wilderness and the Australian Alps.

The weather in this area can be extreme and the route is occasionally covered by snow, so ensure you check the weather forecasts before starting the walk and dress appropriately. We have been there in end of March so it was just perfect.

The Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk is open during the warmer months of the year between September-May. It is recommended that you thoroughly prepare for your journey to ensure your safety and comfort. It’s advised that you bring supplies such as drinking and cooking water, food and a gas or fuel stove. Stay on track by utilising a topographic map and compass or opting for a GPS. Parking is available near the trackhead on Kosciuszko road.


And a few words after one month spent in Kangaroos country

I know one month is not enough to get know culture, people etc but I like countries where people are open, talk to you, on every occasion: How are you doing? I would say Australians are even more crazy in it than Americans. If you have some problems there will be always someone to offer you a help!

What is unfortunately negative is the cost of the trip. I am not talking about tickets to get (this can be OK to arrange for a normal price) but the prices overthere. Hotels, motels, hostels are way more expensive than in Europe (not talking about Asia where is very cheap). Food, trips, renting cars are also pricy. In case we would have one day more time I would just buy a caravan and do one big road trip 🙂 Anyway Australia was always my dream and I am grateful that could spend there a month. Hope to see you soon Aussie!!!