24 hours in Dubrovnik

I have been in Croatia already a few years ago but more in the central part and never reached Dubrovnik (more posts from Croatia will follow soon). This time we started our journey from Podgorica- the capital of Montenegro. Public transport in Balkan countries is not at the highest level that’s why we rented a car to be flexible and get everywhere where we want. When we booked our plane tickets I knew already that’s due to central location it is the perfect opportunity to see Dubrovnik (about two hours by car).
We left our hotel in Montenegro early morning and we took a scenic road via Kotor’s bay, where we have stopped a few times to explore and enjoy the amazing views. Late afternoon we quickly checked into our B&B and started to discover old town of Dubrovnik.

What you can’t miss

We have been in Dubrovnik in June, what actually was perfect because the hottest, touristic season didn’t start yet. I am not a fan of overcrowded places and always try to come before or after busiest period. In June you can have already a very nice temperature plus 25 degrees (in summer it can go up to 40 degrees).

Enjoy the view from the city walls

It is a touristic place- I know but if you are lucky it should be all ok. Don’t forget- this place is popular for good reason. I loved the look out at the sea on one side and the red roofs of the old town on the other.  To avoid the crowd try to get there in the morning.

Jump into the water

This is reserved for good swimmers only but don’t be afraid and join them. During your walk along the walls you’ll probably notice a few people in the water. You should join them. There are a few places where there are pool ladders so you can climb in an out of the water. It will give you unforgettable memories and unique place to swim.

Go higher to the Mount SRD.

There are two options to get there (lazy and active one). In case your shape is not the best or you prefer to do it quicker there is a cable car which brings you to the top of Mount Srđ. For less lazy ones you can enjoy step by step iconic view to the old town. The best is to hike in the evening to catch one of the best sunsets.

Take a boat

A boat trip out of Dubrovnik can take you a few different places. You can sail around Lokrum Island or Elaphiti Islands. There are also party boats reserved for younger people.

Enjoy some cocktails in the nice scenery

In the evening you can find one of many cocktails, lounge bars with a nice music where you will feel the spirit of Dubrovnik. Don’t forget that Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in Croatia,and prices are almost at the level of western Europe but for one night is worth it.