Entry to Montenegro

As you probably remember from my other posts I regularly check if there is any promo to buy cheap tickets. Somewhere in May I have seen a good deal of Ryanair offering tickets from Brussels to Montenegro for less than 100 Euro per person. Montenegro was already on my “list to do” that’s why I didn’t doubt too long and booked tickets for June.
A few weeks later we were already in Podgorica there enjoying, hot summer weather. After check in in our hotel we went to the city centre. My first impression was that Montenegro has an ugly capital and was hoping that the rest of the country will be better.
The city was full of concrete apartment block painted in strange colours. It reminded me a bit about Canberra where was no life, no people, no social interaction. Only when the sun went down and the very centre of the city became busy with open cafes and late night shopping.
Abandoned buildings, graffiti, Podgorica seems depressing and it has still a lot to improve. So far the city is not touristic and I am not surprised about the fact. I hope when I am here again the conditions will change. The location of the city is actually not bad, close to beautiful lake and a very nice river surrounded by some mountains so there is for sure a potential for better future.
Anyway that’s only my opinion and the best is to check it yourself! Below the most beautiful pictures which I was able to take in Podgorica. What is your experience? Do you have similar opinion?