Our first stop was in Cetinje, which is founded  in the 15th century. The town is best known as a previous Montenegro’s capital.  Today, the elegant mansions constructed in the Continental architectural style have been converted into to museums, academies and administrative buildings. Perfect place for a stop during road trip.



Driving from Cetinje to Kotor was a pleasure for eyes due amazing view: sea, bay, mountains.  Kotor is considered as one of the best preserved medieval towns on the Adriatic coast.  The architecture of Kotor reflects the various empires that ruled over the region Treks up the upper town walls to Kotor’s hilltop fortress reward hardy hikers with breathtaking views of the city and deep-water bay. We had here also our lunch break in this beautiful scenery.


Herceg Novi

Standing at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor , Herceg Novi welcomes visitors with bright bouquets, sparkling seas and almost-constant sunshine. The town is small so the best way is to discover it on foot. During our road trip we have combined the three places what was doable. For visiting Kotor you need to count a few hours more especially if you decide to climb the wall.