Durmitor National Park

If you have to choose one picture when you think about Montenegro what would this be? Stony beaches, architecture or like me the black mountains? Durmitor was for me a place number one which I wanted to see.

Durmitor is a stunning limestone massif  belonging to the Dinaric Alps . It is also the name of Montenegro’s largest protected area, the Durmitor National Park, which constitutes the heart of a landscape shaped by glaciers, numerous rivers and underground streams of which are embedded in the much larger Tara River Basin Biosphere Reserve.

Some fifty peaks higher than 2,000 metres above sea level rise above plateaus, alpine meadows and forests. Despite its many attractions, Durmitor is best known for the spectacular canyons of the Draga, Sušica, Komarnica and Tara Rivers, the latter stands out as Europe’s deepest gorge. Durmitor is a popular tourism destination, known for superb hiking, climbing, mountaineering and canoeing opportunities. The nearby town of Zabljak is Montenegro’s primary ski resort.

Large mammals include Brown Bear, Grey Wolf, and European Wild Cat. Among the 130 recorded birds are Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon and Capercaillie.  The park is inhabited by farmers and shepherds, traditionally using the high-altitude meadows as summer pastures. The property is well protected and its status and international recognition have helped to prevent irreparable damage from threats, such as upstream pollution and proposed dam construction.


Black Lake

Black Lake in  is one of the premium Montenegro tourist attraction. Black Lake is the best known, and in same time largest of 18 glacial lakes in The Durmitor National Park. More than 3 km long walking path around the lake, is a most popular for hiking and recreation.

Located at the foot of the mountain Medjed peak, this lake consists of two smaller lakes: Big and Little Lake. Those 2 lakes are connected by a narrow strait, that dries in summer time, creating 2 completely separate lakes.

Untouched nature that is unique in every way, leaves nobody indifferent. If there is a place, where you will experience the beauty and uniqueness of the nature, this is definitely Durmitor and Black Lake.


Tara river canyon- Europe’s deepest canyon

At 80 kilometers long and 1,300 meters deep, it’s also the second largest in the world, after the Grand Canyon. The canyon cradles the Tara River, which has the most beautiful emerald-green and sapphire blue colours. The best views are from the water, and rafting along the river is one of the country’s most popular tourist activities.