One year later

Time flies…I just remember when I decided to write my blog about one year ago and today I am writing another summary already!  I would like to thank you all for reading my blog and being here.

This year was even busier than year 2015. I have moved to new place, new city and got many new challenges in my life. My biggest dream came true- I visited Australia. This trip will always stay in my heart and remain unforgettable.  Apart from that I discovered 7 new countries what was not part of initial plan.

No plans for 2017

People who know me when they hear “No plans” think something is wrong as I am very organized person liking to be in charge and  have plans at least a few month ahead.

Now- I really don’t know.  Have some thoughts but maybe let’s keep them still in my mind until some projects are confirmed. For sure next year I will visit new places (my bucket list is huge) but not yet decided which ones I will pick.

Let’s be spontaneous next year!!!!

Summary of 2016

January-Germany Eiffel region, Belgium Spa


March- United Arab Emirates, Australia

April- Amsterdam, Cologne

May- Ibiza, Frankfurt

June- London, Montenegro, Dubrovnik, Albania, Moscow

July- Oslo, Tommorowland

August- Berlin, Luxembourg

September- London x 2

October-Copenhagen, Malmo, Helsinborg


December- HOME Antwerp