In love to little Luxembourg

During my first visit in Luxembourg I was amazed by the architecture, castles and special landscapes. I knew it that I will definitely come back. I started to read blogs, guides with advices where should I go next time and that’s how I found “Seven Castles walk”.

Fairy tale

This National Footpath leads through the idyllic valley of the River Eisch, the so-called “Valley of the Seven Castles”. Among meadows and forests tower majestic castles, fortress ruins and chateaux, some meticulously restored and open to visitors. Follow the traces of the past on quiet paths, discover and savour the cultural and natural variety of the region.


Where to begin?

The walk is 37-kilometre long so you need to plan it according to your body shape. We decided to do it within two days. We booked our first night in Gaichel (just on the border with Belgium) where the Walk begins. You can find there a hotel: Auberge De La Gaichel. It was a perfect, cozy place with an amazing restaurant serving local specialties.


When you plan to do the trail book in advance a room as not to many places to sleep are in the neighborhood.  We left our car in the Auberge and came back there after our trail. The walk supposed to be 37 km but at the end we did 55 km (27 km in the first day and 28 km in the second day).


If you like history then definitely this is something for you. Not all the castles were that amazing but definitely the second part of the route is worth the effort. From the last place we took a bus (train is also possible) to Luxembourg City and from there another bus to Gaichel.






Ansenbourg castle and New Ansembourg Castle


Koerich Castle