My fairy tale continues

In my previous post I took you to discover with me the famous “Seven castles Walk” but this was still not enough for me. Last August we spent 4 days in Luxembourg and explored even more castles. Today I want to show you another two beautiful magical places.


Castle Bourscheid, triangular in shape, is situated on a steep promontory, perched 150 metres high above the Sûre river and accessible only from the northwest. The current yard  was built after 1477. The main gate is protected by an outer fence, by the powerful artillery bastion flanked by four towers, and by a moat which was secured by a drawbridge. When the last Lord of Bourscheid died without descendants in 1512, his heirs set up three different living quarters in the castle; the von Metternich family in the old palace and the castle keep, the Zant of Merl family in the lower part of the upper castle and the von Ahr family in the House Stolzembourg. The castle’s night illuminations create a fabulous atmosphere.


Esch-sur-Sûre Castle

The first buildings of the castle were thus constructed in the Romanesque period, whilst its development took place in the Gothic period. With the advent of gunpowder in the 15th Century, it became necessary to adjust the defensive system. To this end the whole village was surrounded by a 450 metres long and 1.5 metre thick rampart with two defensive towers. The round watchtower was fortified at the same time. By the mid 19th Century the castle passed into the hands of citizens who lived there. When Victor Hugo visited the village on the Sûre in the summer of 1871, the castle was still inhabited by several families. The chapel was restored in 1906. Today, only consolidated ruins are left to remind us of the proud history of the counts of Esch-sur-Sûre. The new illuminations give the castle a fairy tale look, well worth the detour.


Which one you like the most? I truly recommend those two magical places for your next trip to Luxembourg.