Again in Scandinavia

Last year I was lucky to visit first Oslo and then spontaneously Copenhagen ( I found tickets for only 19,99 EUR).  Copenhagen was on my bucket list already long time but not prioritized enough – thanks to Ryanair I realized the plan faster than expected.

My visit was scheduled finally for October – fast packed hand luggage, travel guide, warm clothes and we were already in sunny Copenhagen.

A few facts

Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Bikes are everywhere and they rule the roads, so join in the fun and explore Copenhagen on two wheels. Safe, clean and full of character- You can fell in love with Copenhagen.

If you’re on a tight budget though, Copenhagen may not be for you, as the Danish Krone is particularly strong and the restaurants are rather expensive (same like in other Scandinavian countries).


What to not miss?


If you’ve ever seen a postcard of Copenhagen, then then definitely you’ve seen Nyhavn street.  Nyhavn  is one of the most beautiful, waterfront canal streets in the world.   Today, you will still see many historical wooden ships lined up on the canal, that have been virtually untouched for centuries.  Along Nyhavn, you will also see colorful townhouses, bars, restaurants and cafes.  It’s a perfect place to have a coffee.


Strøget street and LEGO shop

Strøget street is Copenhagen’s largest shopping area and the longest pedestrian street in Europe.  You can find anything from cheap, budget-friendly shops to high-end designer stores.  There are also numerous food stands, cafes and restaurants that sell of Denmark’s finest food, so you can grab something to munch on as you walk.  But Strøget is not just limited to shopping and eating.  I am a big fan of LEGO that’s why I spent in the shop about an hour feeling like I am a child again.


Our hotel was located very close to Tivoli. When we passed by the park in the morning I was wondering if it still operated but on my way back in the evening  I didn’t have doubts any more as it was definitely the place to be. Built in 1843, Tivoli is the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world!  It is also very famous and popular, with over 4 million visitors per year.  You will find roller coasters, bumper cars and all kinds of fun rides that makes Tivoli a perfect place to spend an afternoon.


Little Mermaid Statue

This is probably Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attraction.  People from all over the world flock to Copenhagen to get a look at this historical sculpture of the Little Mermaid, that just turned 100 years old in August 2013.


Amalienborg Palace

This palace is in the center of a giant square in Copenhagen.  The palace is a winter home of the Danish royal family, and the square is significant because it has a statue of King Frederick V.


King’s Garden and Kastellet

The King’s garden is the oldest, biggest and most amazing park in Copenhagen.  If you are lucky and have beautiful weather like we had you will see many people chilling there.