Day trip to Gozo

From Malta you can buy a day trip to Gozo where by bus you will see main attractions of the little island. Or like in our case you can just buy a ferry ticket (including car) and travel on your own. In my opinion one day at Gozo is enough, of course if you want to relax on beautiful beaches it’s better to book a hotel and prolong the trip to two or more days. We like the Gozo island for its landscapes, atmosphere and architecture. When you will be visiting Malta for sure don’t skip Gozo!



Victoria– A Medieval Hilltop City Surrounded by a sun and old sandstone buildings, this walled hilltop city looks like a miniature version of Jerusalem . Victoria, also known as Rabat, is the capital city of Gozo. The historic center of Victoria stands on a high ledge and is enclosed within a Citadel.


Dwerja Bay and the Azure Window-The most famous and photogenic site on the Island of Gozo is the Azure Window at Dwerja Bay, a dramatic landscape that has inspired many painters. The Azure Window is a gigantic 60-meter-high natural window in the seaside cliff, formed from a sheer limestone cliff when two caves collapsed. With the deep blue waters lapping up against the cliff and boats sailing through the opening, the Azure Window is a most famous place on Gozo.


Gozo’s Best Beach: Ir-Ramla il-Hamra-Tucked into a protected bay surrounded by steep cliffs, Ir-Ramla il-Hamra is the largest and sandiest beach on the Island of Gozo. Unlike most beaches in Malta, Ramla Bay has a wide shore covered in fine reddish sand.


The Basilica of Ta’ Pinu -The magnificent Basilica of Ta’ Pinu is an important pilgrimage church and a national shrine devoted to the Virgin Mary.  With its solitary 47-meter-high campanile, the Basilica of Ta’ Pinu stands in austere isolation as a beacon of faith to travelers making their way through the rugged Gozo landscape.