My Guide to The World

by Renata P.


February 2017

Masca walk-most spectacular walk in Tenerife

When I booked my ticket to Tenerife I didn't know till the end what to expect. You hear contradictory opinions about the island (too touristic, different climates etc.). As usual I had to check it on my own and for... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong- Alternative attractions

A magical journey on Lantau Island, Hong Kong   With the Ngong Ping 360, you’ll have an exciting cable car ride that lets you see and experience Hong Kong from a variety of angles. Plus, it’s a cool and exciting way... Continue Reading →

Hong Kong-the most visited city of the world

Chaotic, packed city with a vibe I have visited Hong Kong twice already, each time I spent there more than a week and never got bored. It’s one of my top five favorite cities in the world, and I relish any chance... Continue Reading →

Malmö- Swedish alternative to Copenhagen

Cross the Oresund Bridge Due to its location, it is very easy to reach Malmö when coming from Copenhagen Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden ( Have you seen the "The Bridge"?). We rented a car in Copenhagen, paid the... Continue Reading →

Malta-A country shaped by limestone

As you could see already in my previous post from Valletta- Malta is full of sandy, limestone buildings which give nice warm impression. Today I will try to show you other attractions except Valetta which you should definitely visit. To... Continue Reading →

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