Cross the Oresund Bridge

Due to its location, it is very easy to reach Malmö when coming from Copenhagen Oresund Bridge which connects Denmark and Sweden ( Have you seen the “The Bridge“?). We rented a car in Copenhagen, paid the fee and after 15 minutes we were already is Sweden.


Green city

Malmö has no shortage of greenery. Visitors will enjoy the relaxing and comforting atmosphere that the city brings. Walking through the town you’ll notice plenty of green space and make sure to take full advantage of the outdoor experiences available throughout the city.


Malmö actually is the third biggest city of Sweden. Located in the South of the country, Malmö definitely is worth a visit. Malmö is a great alternative to Copenhagen. Shopping and dining can be cheaper here than in the Danish city across the water.

Drink a coffee and enjoy pastries

Sweden is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world and they definitely know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and bake tasty sweets by combining modern flavours with classic Swedish treats such as cinnamon buns, almond cakes or ‘semlor’ Lenten buns.

Malmö is a great escape to a cultural centre with many different cultures blending with typical Swedish culture. Travellers will love the crisp air in this Swedish city and will find a treasured town that blends new and old perfectly to create a unique experience.

Look around and discover mix of architecture

The best way is walk around and not always to follow the touristic routes. The tall, white building is a symbol of the city and easy point to orientate.


Visit Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg is one of the busiest corners of Malmö. As being a historical market square, locals and tourists alike can buy local specialties.