A magical journey on Lantau Island, Hong Kong  

With the Ngong Ping 360, you’ll have an exciting cable car ride that lets you see and experience Hong Kong from a variety of angles. Plus, it’s a cool and exciting way to get to Lantau Island. You can also take a bus or a taxi.

The Giant Buddha

Even if you’re not a Buddhist devotee, the Tian Tan Buddha, or also called as Giant Buddha, is still a sacred site you must visit when visiting Hong Kong. This bronze Buddha is the largest in the open air in the world. It was a bit difficult to spot, even with its size, due to the cloudy weather but during a few moments it cleared a bit to admire this huge statue. It is not an old Buddha with just over 20 years old. You walk up almost 300 stairs to the Buddha which was not the best thing that day due to rain and humid air. Around the Buddha you find various statues and inside an exhibition.


Nature of Hong Kong

Wilderness, Beaches, Mountains, Wetlands – not words you’d normally associate with Hong Kong. It might surprise you that areas like this, full of unexpected beauty, make up 73% of the country. With Hong Kong’s wonderfully efficient transport system, you could be standing in the middle of the city surrounded by high rise buildings, malls, people, and then, be in the peaceful countryside, in under an hour.

Dragon’s Back

The path rolling along the ridges from Shek O Peak to Wan Cham Shan resembles the shape of a dragon’s back-bone.

The path rolling along the ridges from Shek O Peak to Wan Cham Shan resembles the shape of a dragon’s back-bone. Named as the Best Urban Hiking Trail in Asia, this tis a great hike to start with. It’s incredibly scenic and not too difficult of a hike.

Panoramic views of Shek O, the neighbouring islands and the South China Sea. The 8.5 km hike ends at a nice beach called Big Wave Bay. Make sure you bring your swimmers so you can go for a dip afterwards.


Tai Long Wan

Tai Long Wan, a bay on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula, is known for having the best beaches in Hong Kong but getting there is certainly no easy task. It’s about as remote as it gets in hong kong and is only reachable by foot or sea.

At Sai Wan, the water is crystal clear, the sand white and fine, plus you get the backdrop of some pretty impressive hills. We couldn’t help but be in awe of the beauty surrounding us the whole time we were there.