Bus trip from Sarajevo

Our trip to Bosnia included also a day trip to Mostar. We got up early and bough return bus ticket to Mostar. It was vey cheap and convenient solution. The journey took about 2,5 h one way but we could easily sleep.


Stunning Stari Most

I think it’s appropriate to start with the most obvious iconic landmark of Mostar and probably from the entire Bosnia & Herzegovina: the Stari Most (Old Bridge). It’s the beating heart of the city for sure, a strong iconic symbol of its history and the main reason that led us there. It’s beautiful and charismatic. Still, what surprised me the most was the scenery of the valley around it. The 50 shades of green from the surrounding mountains and from the Neretva river create a stunning setting by itself. When Stari Most was built back in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire, the single-stone arch span was considered a major technological advance. It lasted until 1993, when it was destroyed during the Yugoslav wars. After years of reconstruction, its rebuilt works were finally finished in 2004.


Locals speak English and are very friendly

The wounds from Bosnia’s rough past are still very recent to heal. During my short visit, I got the impression Bosnians are very quiet and somehow melancholic. Some streets in the center felt SUPER silent, even though they were packed of people.


A few religions in one place

Mostar actually lies at a crossroad of religions, with Muslim Bosnians (roughly 40% of the population) living in harmony with Catholics and Orthodox Serbs. The Ottoman influence is evident: the smell of shisha, Turkish cafés/restaurants and even the alleys of Kujundziluk bazaar selling all kinds of metalwork, clothes and jewelry. Then are some western medieval trademarks like the charming Shire-like houses with wooden balconies, adorned by the round black and white pebbles of the streets and walls.


My opinion

Mostar is a very interesting place where you will still see many places touched by the Balkans war. Apart from that it’s definitely one of most beautiful spots in Bosnia due to the location and nature surrounding. If you are in Dubrovnik or Sarajevo make a day trip to Mostar- You will not regret afterwards.