My Guide to The World

by Renata P.


June 2017

Constanta- the oldest Romanian city

How to get to Constanta Cheap tickets to Bucharest were a good reason to come to Romania. From the beginning I knew that if I am in Romania I definitely want to go to the Black Sea and have some... Continue Reading →

One day in Normandy

A bit of history in Utah Beach After visiting Mt Saint Michel we had one free day in Normandy and many ideas what to do (calvados tasting, cycling, visiting museum, driving around). We decided to do the last two activities,... Continue Reading →

Le Mont St Michel-medieval fortress town out of fairytale

On my bucket list Pictures of this town have been popping up on Instagram, Pinterest of my friends and definitely inspired me to also visit this place. Again I have to highlight that location of Belgium is perfect to explore surrounding... Continue Reading →

Sarajevo- Jerusalem of Europe

Perfect location Sarajevo is located in the heart of Southeastern Europe and is an excellent starting point when taking in the entire region. The distance between Sarajevo and regional capital cities is as follows: 293 kilometers from Belgrade, Serbia; 405... Continue Reading →

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