On my bucket list

Pictures of this town have been popping up on Instagram, Pinterest of my friends and definitely inspired me to also visit this place. Again I have to highlight that location of Belgium is perfect to explore surrounding countries. Only 5 hours by car and we could enjoy beautiful Normandy.


Long weekend in France

Staying at home is not my strongest point. Each time when I see an opportunity to discover new places I go for it. Due to last minute decision all hotels were booked in the town itself (what actually was not that bad at the end). We had a hotel one hour drive from our final destination and next day in the early morning we reached the neighborhood of Le Most St Michel.

As the castle spires emerged ahead of us in the misty distance, we gasped in excitement. We made our way closer and before we knew it, a magical, gravity-defying medieval monastery appeared atop of an isolated island across a serene bay.

Walking around

Due to fact it was a public holiday in France lots of tourists chose this destination to spend a long weekend as well. To avoid a long traffic jam we have parked our car a few kilometers further and fallowed the rest of the road by foot. In normal circumstances you get by car almost till the end and then take a special bus which brings you to the town. Don’t forget that this place is visited by 3 millions of people each year.


A bit of history

In the 8th century, the bishop of the nearby town of Avranches, claimed that the Archangel Michael himself wanted a church built atop the island just out to sea. In the centuries following, the dukes of Normandy and French kings continued to develop the abbey on the Mont-Saint- Michel with magnificent monastic buildings. The abbey became a renowned centre of learning and attracted some of the greatest minds in Europe.

Useful tips

We were there while the tide was low and saw groups of people hiking across the bay. We weren’t dressed for a tough mud experience this time, but next time I would bring my Hunter boots and outdoor gear for a guided walk across the bay for unforgettable views of Mont St Michel.


Don’t stay at the town itself (overpriced hotels) and this will give you also more freedom to explore the neighborhood. Definitely stop for a Calvados tasting which is coming from Normandy.