A bit of history in Utah Beach

After visiting Mt Saint Michel we had one free day in Normandy and many ideas what to do (calvados tasting, cycling, visiting museum, driving around). We decided to do the last two activities, starting with the history of Utah Beach.

Utah Beach is one of the two American landing zones in Normandy. This beach was created by British general Bernard Montgomery who wished to establish a beachhead directly in the Cotentin peninsula in order to capture Cherbourg faster, because of its deep water harbor and its major logistic importance.

At the end of the day of June 6, 1944 on Utah Beach, 1,700 vehicles and nearly 23,250 American soldiers have landed. The loss account reached 197 killed and 60 missing. At the end of the day, the landed troops carried out their junction with the airborne troops of the 82nd and 101st American airborne divisions. The landing on the sector of Utah Beach is the most successful one of the five allied beaches in Normandy.


If you want to know more details visit the Utah Beach Museum.

Beautiful cliffs

Another half a day we drove around and stopped in a few places to enjoy amazing nature and unforgettable views. One of my favorites spots was the beach Des Grandes Dalles. If you have more time than a weekend there is a way more to do in Normandy but maybe during my next visit I will be able to share more tips.