How to get to Constanta

Cheap tickets to Bucharest were a good reason to come to Romania. From the beginning I knew that if I am in Romania I definitely want to go to the Black Sea and have some summer feeling in Constanta.

Constanta is easily reachable by car from Bucharest, on the Sun Highway (Autostrada Soarelui). During the summer, the highway is always crowded at the start and end of the week-end with tourists looking to find a getaway on the Romanian seaside.  The city is also reachable by train and by plane – it has an international airport, Mihail Kogalniceanu.

I bought a train ticket from Bucharest to Constanta, which costs around 15 EUR. The full journey takes 2,5 h (there are also slower trains which stop more but I wouldn’t recommend them).

Constanta is one of the most popular travel destinations both in Romania, as well as in Bulgaria is the Black Sea. Especially during summer, local tourists and foreigners love to spend at least a few days on the Black Sea coast, having fun at the beach or simply just admiring the view. This is why a trip to this beautiful region is such a wonderful experience.


Accommodation and taxi

Lesson number one is Romania- ask taxi driver how much will your ride cost. It happens very often that the drivers don’t switch on the taxi meter and try to ask 10 times more expensive prices. I would suggest to check what is the distance from A to B to avoid overpaying.  Taxis in Romania are cheap, for 5 km you will pay around 1,5 EUR, if you don’t agree on price it can be even 15 EUR- So be careful!

In Constanta are plenty of hotels, the best most expensive are located on Mamaia beach. We took a 3 stars hotel with breakfast for about 50 EUR for twin room.


The oldest city of Romania

Known by the name of Tomis in ancient times, Constanta is the oldest Romanian city, founded around 600 BC. It is the largest city in the region of Dobrogea and lays on the coast of the Black Sea. Constanta covers 70 percent of the area of its county- also named Constanta – with 446,000 inhabitants. With an area of 39.26 sqkm, the Constanţa Harbour (Portul Constanta) is the largest harbour on the Black Sea and one of the largest ports in Europe.


Sea-side resort

The region developed and went to host the largest and modern Romanian sea-side resorts. Its beach is 13 km long and is usually filled with tourists during the entire summer. Tourism has always been one of the city’s main economic activities. Definitely I recommend you a Mamaia beach where you can relax during day and go out during night.


Old town

The city of Constanta is also the home of an Archaeological Park were ruins from the 3rd and 4th centuries can be found, along witho remnants of a 6th century old tower. Between these main sights, St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral is a must see. The cathedral features insider chandeliers and candlesticks designed by Ion Mincu and completed in Paris.

The Great Mahmudiye Mosque is also worth seeing, a construction that combines Byzantine and Romanian architectural elements, making it one of the most distinctive mosques in the area.

With elements of neoclassical architecture the Fantasio Theatre is another great building standing in the heart of the city.