Travel Fail

We all want our vacations to be perfect. After all, with all the time and money we spend on them, an unenjoyable day seems like a major waste. But are you planning your vacation the right way?


It seems to be simple but what you take with you on your holidays is essential. I still remember our 3 weeks in Thailand with uncomfortable backpack which we had to carry every day almost ruined our beautiful journey. My golden rule is: better less than more. Don’t take with things which you don’t need. I know it sounds easy but how to do it in reality? Focus on self-comfort. Handy backpack for your camera and travel essentials during your daily activities is what you need.

Multi functionality

On the market you can find products which can be used in different situation during different activities. If you choose right you need only one backpack instead of 3 different ones. For me it’s a clever solution for people travelling a lot. I guess all of you want to have nice pictures from your holidays but the big cameras and spare lenses aren’t the most handy accessories to carry. Apart from camera you need to have very often water, food, spare clothes etc but how to carry two backpacks / bags in one moment? This can make your holidays frustrating. Thank god some designers thought about it already and found some multi-functional solution for people with similar needs.

Designed for any adventure, adaptable to suit your various carry needs while keeping your gear protected in the harshest of conditions.

For me this backpack fulfills all below criteria which you should have in mind while buying new backpack.

  1. Construction/Durability – the best backpack needs to be rugged and well-built to last your lifetime as a professional or amateur photographer.
  2. Looks – as photographers, travelers we are conscious of the way things look. It’s hard to do camera backpack reviews without favouring the cool looking ones over those that are dull/boring. This is again, a very subjective factor, but nonetheless important.
  3. Design – by this I mean whether I deem the bag to function well for its purpose.
  4. Value for Money – ‘Cost’ is obviously a large deciding factor for many when searching for the best backpack.  It’s better to invest a bit more in one good backpack instead of buying 2 different ones which are cheaper.

If you are not convinced yet look at some professionals recommendations.

More info about this product you can find it HERE. Hope you are the next happy traveler.