Where is Dinant?

Dinant sparkles along the Meuse River in the province of Namur. It is about 40 miles south of Brussels and about 12 miles south of Namur, the regional capital. You can get there by train (via Brussels) or by car. The main town itself is quite small and can be walked in whole within just less than an hour!


What to see?

The Collegiate Church of Our Lady

Said to be the landmark of Dinant, this Collegiate Church of Our Lady is a 13th-century Gothic cathedral which has an iconic 16th-century pear-shaped bell tower. It’s truly a lovely structure in itself that’s even perfectly back dropped by the cliff behind it where the town’s citadel sits.


Citadel of Dinant

Built in 1815, this fortress overlooks the city of Dinant and is part of the so-called  “Meuse Citadels”(with the two others located in Huy and Namur). To go up this cultural hotspot, you can either walk up the 405 steps or take the cable car that costs around 11 EUR. It’s well worth your time to visit this place since it does not only have an Arms Museum but it will also reward you with a great aerial view of Dinant. The fortified Citadel was first built in the 11th century to protect the Meuse valley below. The Prince-Bishops of Liege rebuilt and enlarged it in 1530,  the French destroyed it in 1703 and it was later rebuilt in 1821.


Charles de Gaulle Bridge

The main bridge in Dinant is called as “Charles De Gaulle” to commemorate of the presence of Charles de Gaulle himself — a previous president of the French Republic — when he was shot in the leg during the major battle in Dinant back in August 1914.


Sound City

The House of Mr Sax is not a museum in the typical sense, but rather an exciting way of discovering the world of a multi-talented musician. Located in a building on the location where Adolphe Sax was born Antoine-Joseph on 6 November 1814, the center takes visitors through the invention of the saxophone in an original and fun setting.  The Pataphonia Centre is a space where everyday objects and materials become musical instruments.

Maison Leffe

Maison Leffe, an informative and interactive museum dedicated to the history of one of the most recognizable Belgian Trappist beers dating back to 1240, employs a self-guided tour to teach visitors about the beer-making process, the life of a Trappist Monk, and the craftsmanship behind every bottle of Leffe. Finish the tour with a beer tasting.