Road trip to Pula

Being in Slovenia gave us a chance to do a small trip to Pula as well and i am happy that we visited this original city. Ruling the Adriatic from the southern end of the Istrian Peninsula, Pula has been a strategic prize for a host of power players, going back to the Romans. This city with its natural harbour was developed in Augustan times, and a breathtaking amphitheatre, temples and a collection of arches have survived for 2,000 years.

Things that you must see in Pula


I love history. I felt like i am i Rome again when i have seen this beautiful arena, which is not that popular as Coloseum. Pula’s emblematic Roman Amphitheatre is one of the most complete in the world. It’s not just that the three storey-high arched walls and four towers around the perimeter are still standing; Pula’s Arena displays the incredible inner-workings of a Roman amphitheatre in vivid detail.


Forum and temple of Augustus

Just like in Roman times, Pula’s forum is the city’s main square. So just as it would have witnessed important gatherings two millennia ago, whenever there’s a big event you can be sure something will be happening in the forum. You also can’t miss the temple of Augustus which has survived so well because it was converted into a church when the Romans adopted Christianity, although later it became a granary before settling on its present role of lapidarium in the 19th century.


Arch of the Sergii

A slightly older Roman monument is this triumphal arch that was erected to commemorate the powerful Sergii family’s participation in the pivotal Battle of Actium in France.



When you are in Croatia or as us in Slovenia try to make a day trip to this beautiful city. It’s a nice lesson of history surrounded with old architecture. It is definitely worth some extra kilometers.