Hello everyone,

I just remember writing similar post one year ago and here we go again. Trips done in 2017 were not planned like in previous years and we just waited for the most suitable options to explore.  I managed to visit a few new countries which were in my bucket list (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Morocco).

Plans for 2018

I have in mind one big trip which I would like to fix this year. As an hint I can say that’s been a while since I visited this continent. For sure new countries will come (For example in 2 weeks we are gone to discover snowy Sofia). The most important is to enjoy and discover new places!!! Wishing you all amazing trips in 2018!!!!

Monthly summary of 2017

January: Winter in Belgium

February: Tenerife

March: Rome and Vatican

April: Cracow, Zakopane, Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg

May: Sarajevo and Mostar

June: Mont Saint Michel, Bucharest, Constanta

July: Caves of Han, Monschau

August: Slovenia and Northern Croatia

September: Eifel National Park

October: Dinant

November: Warsaw

December: Marrakesh and Atlas Mountains