When you need a break

Do you know the feeling when you just need to escape from bad weather, reality, annoying surrounding etc.? End of December was for me extremely busy and the warm break was needed more than ever. I have never been in Morocco and while checking various websites for some last minute promo I found a trip to Marrakesh, I thought: Why not!



Positive surprise

Due to fact that Belgium has many problems with foreigners (especially from Northern Africa and Turkey) the reputation of Morocco and the stories going around this country were not promising. After our arrival we have seen immediately that the people wear less typical clothes for Islam than here in Belgium.


Hectic Marrakesh

First day we didn’t sit still and started to explore the city. Our hotel was situated outside of the Medina (perfect if you want to have a  calm stay).  Marrakesh it’s one of those places which you should see at least once in your life. It’s an experience itself. Before you enter the Medina get a good map and don’t carry to many expensive belongings. If you don’t have a good sense of direction you can easily get lost-but that’s a part of the experience. It was sometimes difficult to find an orientation point if you are in narrow streets between buildings. In the Souks the locals were not bad and didn’t push us much to buy local products (way better compared to Tunisia).


Amazing food

Every trip brings new tastes. The taste of Morocco was delicious and had many variations. We have tried fresh juices, my favorite Tajine and amazing tapenadas.  What I would recommend is to not drink water and eat raw vegetables, for the rest-Just enjoy!


Planning trips around Marrakesh

This time we didn’t rent a car and we were dependent on the organized trips. We did two of them around the city but more details will follow in the next post. Stay tuned!