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The Domain of the Caves of Han

Spontaneous decision As you probably know by now we really don't like to spend weekends at home.  Small research in Internet and we decided to go to Han-sur-Lesse in the Belgium Ardennes to do mountain biking.  Unfortunately in the rental... Continue Reading →

Brussels- number one for terrorists or tourists?

Bad time for Brussels Still remember my first visit in Brussels. It was already long time ago. Now I am living in Belgium and a distance between my home and Brussels is 20 km. This post is for people who’ve... Continue Reading →

Snow in November? Why not-lets hike in the Ardennes

Last weekend I decided to stay in Belgium to enjoy first snowy, cold weekend. Am I crazy? No, no I just like the beautiful landscapes covered by snow. Where have I been? Living in Belgium is so easy 2 hours of driving and... Continue Reading →

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